Frequently asked questions

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Oh, yes! The Gilda 360 community is international. You can be anywhere in the world and can connect with an expert anywhere in the world.
Are you a startup

  • Struggling to raise funds?
  • Not able to grow as fast as you think you can?
  • Looking to expand to a new region or country but not sure about the local rules/ regulations / culture?

Are you a VC /startup accelerator/ incubator

  • Looking to enable your portfolio companies to get the right guidance?

Are you a corporate

  • Looking for experts who can train your employees?

Do you have a

  • strong expertise in growth, fundraising or solving technology, finance, marketing or operational challenges?
  • past experience advising startups or corporates?

Then you have come to the right place!!!


No, after logging in as an expert, you dont have access to the marketplace. If you need to access the various features of marketplace like booking a time with an expert, you need to register separately as a user using different email credentials.
You need to first register as a user and then apply to be an expert by filling in your details in the application form. Once we have evaluated your profile, we will communicate to you regarding your application. You can expect the process to completed in less than 7 working days.
If you are available for the time the user has requested for the session, you can confirm your acceptance. If you are not available, you can drop a message to the user using the contact button and ask to schedule for a different time and decline the current request. Once you have scheduled, you need to login to the platform at the said time. You can launch your private session upto 2 minutes before the scheduled time. The user will be billed only for the duration that was scheduled. Five minutes before the session gets over, you will get a notification giving you the option to extend the session schedule. There will not be any billing for the extended part of the duration. Once the session is over, you can leave your user feedback.

Once you have completed the application process and received your confirmation mail to be an expert, you need to login to the platform and update your profile details. Once all details are put, click on Check Eligibility button on top right. If all the basic details are put, you should be able to turn ON/ OFF your listing in the marketplace.

While filling in your details, you can add 

  1. your areas of expertise, 
  2. the schedule when you can be available
  3. the rate you would like to charge among other details

If you go to your dashboard, you will see 

  1. the sessions that have been requested and waiting action from your side
  2. The sessions that are scheduled with you for for today

One to One Sessions

Depending on the location you are based in and the VOIP laws and internet connectivity associated with the region, you might or might not be able to see the person you are interacting with. You can either have a voice call or chat through the platform.
The expert’s profile is shown including previous work and educational background based on which you should be able to make a reasonable judgement.

We have filters in the marketplace that helps you shortlist the right expert available at your convenient time. The filters help you to select

  1. the specialization area of the expert – funding, growth or solution (others)
  2. the available experts on your convenient day
  3. the experts that speak the language of your choice
  4. the country where the experts are based out of
  5. the budget range you would be comfortable with

If you cant find the specific expert you are looking for, please do reach us at with your detailed requirement including:

  • What specific problem do you need guidance for?
  • Is there any specific expert you think would be helpful for you?

We will try and see if we can onboard that expert to our platform or inform you if we have an alternative option.

Browse through the expert marketplace. Once you find the right expert whom you feel can help you in finding a solution, see if the expert is available at a time convenient to you. The expert might take upto 48 hours in confirming a time slot with you, so schedule accordingly. Once the expert receives your interest and confirms availability, you would be requested for payment. You would be charged based on the rate mentioned by the expert and the amount of time you have requested for. This amount is non-refundable unless due to the conditions mentioned in the payments FAQ. Once you make the payment, you need to login to the platform at the scheduled time. If you join later than the scheduled time, the said time will be lost. Extending beyond the scheduled time is upto the expert and the said extension does not carry a charge. After the call is over, both you and the expert can give your feedback for our reference.
The communication with the expert including for the session would be through Gilda 360 platform
Our experts primarily provide advice on funding, growth and solution ( technology, operations, legal, HR, marketing, finance, etc)

Pricing & Payment

We offer refunds only if the expert did not attend the session at the scheduled time and does not agree for an alternate time.
To connect with an expert, the cost associated with each expert is mentioned along with their profile. Though a per hour pricing is mentioned, you will be billed per minute based on the amount of time you have scheduled for your session. Though there are no additional fees charged by us, depending on your bank, there could be additional charges levied by your bank like foreign exchange fee.


All calls through the Gilda 360 platform is recorded for our research and analysis. If we decide to use any of the content for marketing purposes, we would be taking permission of both the experts’ and seekers’ in the video before doing so.